Tips for Photographing Your Own Children… and capturing their genuine emotions

I see you mom – at the park taking pics of your little-ones. Trying to get them to smile but only getting those forced, toothy grins. So, how do you actually get your kids to pose and take adorable photos with genuine smiles?

Here are a few tips to get those adorable social-media worthy smiles!!!!

1. Set low expectations. Scratch that… set NO expectations. Face it -expecting your children to sit quietly and listen to every direction you give them is not going to happen. There is a zero chance they are going to sit in front of the Christmas tree holding the family cat and look directly at the camera with a giant, beautiful smile.

2. Grab their attention. Use anything that makes noise to get them to look your way. Keys are my favorite because when you’re out-and-about they are usually something you have on hand. When all else fails fart-noises always work!!

3. Show them the back of your camera or phone. Kids today love seeing how they look on the camera! This will not only get them excited but they’ll be eager to “try again” or do something different.

4. Make them laugh. Ask them to show you their best silly face, scary face or serious face. Tickle fight, silly jokes…YOU know what makes your kiddos laugh! And again…fart sounds always work! LOL!

5. Let them be kids. That’s right – let them play. Are you wanting to take photos in a cute sunflower field you came across? Let them run, twirl, smell the flowers, play pretend!! THIS IS WHEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS!!!! You will be amazed at their adorable-ness (is that a word?!) and the beautiful moments that they create. THIS is my #1 secret in capturing real, authentic moments and emotions!!

6. When all else fails…HIRE THE PROFESSIONAL!! (Hey, that’s me!!!) I have been photographing children for over 13 years and I ADORE their BIG personalities and capturing that emotion. One of the best compliments I receive from parents is that I truly captured their child’s personality.

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