Why You Should Print Your Photos

Smart phones have made it super easy to snap a bunch of photos, share on social media and forget about. When was the last time you actually printed out some of those candid moments or photos from a family session? Are they sitting on an old phone somewhere or lost up in the Cloud?

Here are my top 5 reasons why it’s important to print those photos!!

1. Tangible Memories – Remember sitting down at the kitchen table with your parents and looking through your baby photos? How neat it was to hold these photos in your hand and reminisce about the time it was taken. What a special moment to spend with someone you hold dear. To be able to share childhood photos with your own children or to talk about old times with a grandparent feels a whole lot different when holding a photograph in your hand versus an iPad or phone.

2. Technology is unreliable – When I first started photography we photographed on film, developed it and our own photos in a darkroom. Shortly after, digital cameras became readily available to the average consumer. At that point we were saving our photos either on the SD card we used in the camera or on our computer. Sometimes, if we had the technology we would save them onto a CD but you had to purchase a whole external drive for that and it was pretty expensive. Whatever happened to those photos? Are they still on that computer that is now stashed in your garage somewhere?? How would you even get your photos off of it now? If you were lucky you would’ve realized you should print them because now there’s no way you’re actually going to get those photos accessed and printed. Technology is ever-evolving. Currently, we save photos on our computers, phones and on the cloud but one day none of those things will exist. Printing your photos will ensure you have these memories for a lifetime despite techological advances.

3. Decorate you home!! I have been to so many peoples’ houses where there are literally NO family photos sitting around or hanging on the wall let alone adorable candid photos on the fridge. What I DO see are framed school photos. You know why?? Because we receive them printed from the school instead of a digital file. Not only does printing preserve memories but it is a great way to decorate your home! Creating photo walls with cute sayings has become pretty popular and there are many mediums on which you can print. From wood to metal to canvas…there are so many neat possibilities!!

4. Your children and your grandchildren will thank you. A few years ago my father got really ill. He started developing dementia at an early age and it was heartbreaking. One thing his memory was still sharp about what his childhood. It was so amazing to sit with him and look at photos of my grandparents when they were just married or when my pappy fought in WWII. I loved hearing all of the stories as we went from photograph to photograph. We spent countless hours just telling stories and reminiscing. My father passed away a year and a half ago and I hold these memories so dear. I can still look through these photos and remember the stories my dad shared with me.

5. Printing photos and making albums is super easy!!!
No explanation needed!!

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