The Best Places for an Outdoor Photo Session in (and around) Chambersburg, PA!

Chambersburg, PA

Every week I am asked for ideas on where to photograph kids, families, couples… Here’ a list of some of my favorite places in (and around) the Chambersburg, PA area!!

1. Norlo Park – Fayetteville, PA
Of all the places on this list, Norlo Park is where I have photographed the most! Why? Well first, it’s within walking distance to my house but other than that there is soooo much going on!!! There are real train cars on tracks that would be super cute for a train-themed birthday. I’ve also photographed on the train cars for wedding and family portraits. There’s also a super cute wild flower garden with a few trails and benches that make for a romantic backdrop (this is where my headshot was taken on this blog’s homepage!). Willow trees. Lots of them. Need I say more? Paths, bridges, fields, a cool concrete under pass which would look awesome for senior pics. Oh, and a HUGE rustic barn!!! I can’t say enough things about this awesome spot!

2. Renfrew Museum and Park – Waynesboro, PA

Before I go on about how super beautiful this park is I need to point out that there is a fee you must pay in order to photograph professionally at this park. Please make sure to contact the park to get permission check out policy and pay the fee!

Renfrew is perfect all year-round but fall is my all-time favorite. The golden light that shows over the back fields is to die for!!! The wooded area always offers perfect lighting, the stone walls are perfect for sitting or leaning against. Flowers and bridges and old houses – oh my!!!

3. Caledonia State Park – Fayetteville, PA

One of most favorite places especially in the fall! The COLORSSSSSS!!! Because CALEDONIA STATE PARK is located in the mountains it get cooler there earlier in the season than the rest of the area. That means that the fall colors peak slightly earlier here which is a HUGE deal for photographers. The changing of the leaves in fall also signals the time-change where we lose an hour of daylight. Often, it’s so early that it’s difficult to schedule weekday sessions due to school and work schedules therefore our weekends get quite full very quickly!!! BUT, Caledonia is also an amazing place all year long! The streams are perfect for photographing in for some unique imagery, there is a wooden bridge and large stone bridge with an amazing set of steps that are perfect for large families. I can’t forget the waterfall, woods with amazing ferns and deep greens and trails.

4. The Sunflower Fields by Lescher Poultry – Chambersburg, PA

Over the past 9 years or so the sunflowers fields in Chambersburg, PA have become one of THE MOST sought after places for photographs in the area. This field rotates around 4 different fields within Chambersburg every year. The field is created and maintained by Lesher Poultry who have very kindly allowed photographers to utilize their fields for sessions. While they do not require a fee they do ask for donations for use of the fields. There are boxes along the trails and road to place your donation. Over the years the family has also added a cut-your-own-flower options for $1 a flowers as well as a little shed that sells honey and other local goods. Lescher Poultry also runs a Facebook page called Sunflower Watch with almost daily updates on the peak time for the sunflowers. Depending on weather and rain the blooms usually peak around Labor Day and will stick around in great condition for about 2 weeks.

5. Random road-side fields/orchards/people’s yards

Let me start by saying this: GET PERMISSION TO PHOTOGRAPH ANYWHERE THAT IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!! I always, always, always ask permission!
So… in order to find cool places just take a drive around the country roads and you will see so many beautiful and amazing spots!!!! It just takes time. Grab the kids (and yourself) some ice cream and go for a summer drive!! Discover something beautiful!

Also, I am not above eyeing a neighbors amazing rose bush and asking permission to photograph in front of it.

6. Lauren R. H. Campbell Photography Studio – Fayetteville, PA

Okay, I had to do it!! Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate or it’s just too cold out. Or you have a new baby that you’d love to get those adorable posed photos of. Outdoors isn’t ALWAYS the perfect option for portraits (although it is a pretty great one!). I offer mini sessions for Easter and Spring, Christmas, Santa as well as 1st birthdays or other milestone and, of course, newborn sessions!! Be sure to check out the studio’s site for more details on what all I offer!!

I have only lived in Chambersburg for about 15 years but I was born and raised in Gettysburg, PA. I am sure there are so many nooks and crannies I have yet to discover! Where’s your favorite place for photography?

Feel free to CONTACT ME to book a session at one of these amazing places!

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